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Captain Scarlet
12" High Talking Figure
3 Phrases
*This is Captain Scarlet evacuate the area**
*S.I.G. I'm alright my wounds have healed**
*It's a trap he's a Mysteron Replacement**

Original Voice of Actor Francis Matthews
(Now Deceased)
From The 160's T.V. Series


Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons, often referred to as Captain Scarlet, is a 1960s British science-fiction television series produced by the Century 21 Productions company of Gerry and Sylvia Anderson, John Read andReg Hill.

First broadcast on ATV Midlands from September 1967[5] to May 1968,[6] it has since been transmitted in more than 40 other countries, including the United States, Australia, New Zealand and Japan.[7]

Characters are presented as marionette puppets alongside scale model sets and special effects in a filming technique that the Andersons termed "Supermarionation".

This technology incorporated solenoid motors as a means of synchronisingthe puppet's lip movements with pre-recorded dialogue. Source Wikipedia

Vivid Imaginations/Carlton Talking Captain Scarlet

  • • Made By - Vivid Imaginations/Carlton 2001
    • Series - Captain Scarlet & The Mysterons
    • Model - 12" High Talking Captain Scarlet
    • Model No. - Soundtech 2001
    • Age- 3 +