Rolling Road & Spare Roller Set {Exclusive T.T.G Special Deal}


*Enables The Use of Eight or Ten Coupled Locomotive Models*



1X Rolling Road Pack  R8211

1X Spare Rollers Pack R8212


The Rolling Road is for use with most 12V DC electric locomotive models, using a standard Hornby 12V DC controlled power supply, as well as being compatible with the Hornby Live Steam 17V DC power supply.

At 348mm long, the Rolling Road is supplied with three pairs of adjustable rollers and a bogie block that adjusts within an 85mm range. Further pairs of adjustable rollers (R8212) can be purchased to suit eight or ten coupled locomotive models. Not suitable for models with drive to both bogies, where the wheelbase exceeds 157mm.

*Locomotive not included.

R8211 & R8212 *Special Deal*

  • This product is not intended for play by children and is recommended for use by adult collectors only. Handle with care. Please retain these details and the address for future reference.