Entering traffic at Stratford as D5520 on 26 February, 1959, the locomotive was soon moved to Ipswich, where it remained until 11 May, 1968. D5520 was renumbered to 31102 at the beginning of 1973 while allocated to York, moving to Stratford in 1976. Sold to Network Rail for spares, 31102 was scrapped in 2007.

%Safety Notice

R3746 BR Class 31 A1A-A1A 31102 - Era 7

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    Length 225mm
    DCC Type DCC Ready
    Period Era 7/8
    Operator/Livery BR Blue
    Class Class 31
    Designer Brush Traction
    Entered Service 1960
    Minimum Curve R2
    Age Suitability 14+
    Motor 5 Pole Skew Wound
    Wheel Configuration A1A-A1A