Function list

  • F0     Headlight/Rear-Light
  • F1     Engine Start/Stop
  • F2     Horn High-Low
  • F3     Horn Low-High
  • F4     Brake Squeal
  • F5     NOTCH Up
  • F6     NOTCH Down
  • F7     Return to IDLE
  • F8     Thrash
  • F9     Cold Start Override
  • F10   Compressor
  • F11   Cab Door Slam
  • F12   Fan
  • F13   Horn Long High
  • F14   Horn Long Low
  • F15   Primer
  • F16   Slow Flange Squeal
  • F17   Driver's Safety Device (in Cab)
  • F18   Horn Short Low
  • F19   Horn Short High
  • F20   Windscreen Wipers
  • F21   AWS Test (in Cab)
  • F22   Fire Bell Test
  • F23   Guards Whistle
  • F24   Guard to Driver Buzzer (in Cab)
  • F25   Aux Lighting (if used in locomotive) 


Please note this item includes two Class 43 TTS Sound Decoders

Installation guide

- Supports short and long decoder addresses
- Adjustable acceleration and deceleration
- Back EMF load compensation
- Up to 19 controllable spot sounds dependent on model including whistles or horns etc
- Two sound channels allowing for simultaneous play of full locomotive engine sounds, & individual spot sounds e.g. horns, whistles, brakes, wagons coupling etc. NOTE: Only one spot sound can be played at the same time
- It is possible to alter the volume of each sound through an individual dedicated CV. Range 0-8
- Decoder is equipped to support directional front and rear lighting operation via F0 on the controller, providing that the product is fitted with lights
- The decoder is equipped with 1 aux function output controlled by F18 or F25 dependent on locomotive type (diesel or steam)
- Motor current - maximum continuous 500mA
- Motor current - peak 1amp (no function load)
- Function output current maximum—100mA (unprotected)
- Decoder current maximum continuous - 800mA (shared motor and functions)
- Number of sound channels - 2
- Termination - 8 pin plug NEM652. NMRA

Hornby R8120 TTS Sound Decoder-Class 43 (MTU)

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