Brand New & Boxed
Corgi - Past & Present
Limited Edition
Official Guiness Merchandise

Beautifully detailed Scania Tanker & Karrier Dropside
with Load-Guiness
1:64 scale and No.1071 of only 4000 made this is a true gem from Corgi Past & Present series Limited Edition.
Treat a collector you know or perhaps just treat yourself!

In 1759 Arthur Guiness took on a 9000 yera lease on a disuesd brewery at St.James's Gate in Dublin. By the turn of the century he had come to specialise in a superior version of the black beer then known as porter Guiness Extra Stout. Guiness was firt exported in 1769 and in 1886 Guiness became the first major brewery to be floated on the London Stock Exchange.
By this time the the Dublin Brewery had become the largest in the World.

Corgi Limited Ed. Guiness Scania Tanker & Karrier

  • • Brand-Corgi (Limited Edition)
    • Edition No.- 1071 Of Only 4000 Produced
    • Vehicles- Scania Tanker & Karrier Dropside With Load
    • Type - Guiness
    • Scale - 1:64
    • Release - October 2000
    • Type - Static Model
    • Manufacturers Code - 59564