Brand New (Vintage) & Boxed
007 James Bond

AMC Hornet Hatchback
The Man With the Golden Gun

The Hornet was produced by the American Motors

Corporation (AMC) from 1970 to 1979.

The sequence featuring the car starts with Sheriff J.W. Pepper, who is admiring a new red AMC Hornet in a Bangkok showroom, while on holiday in Thailand with his wife. He is about to test drive the car, when James Bond suddenly enters and steals the Hornet from the dealership to chase villain Scaramanga.

The most famous moment comes when the Hornet performs
a 360-degree mid-air twisting corkscrew jump
across a broken bridge.

The actual jump was captured in just one filming sequence.

Performed by an uncredited British stuntman
"Bumps" Williard for the film

Corgi 007 James Bond AMC Hornet Hatchback

  • • Brand- Corgi
    • The Difinitive Bond Collection
    • Model - AMC Hornet Hatchback
    • Film - 007 The Man With The Golden Gun - Roger Moor
    • Scale - 1:36 / 12.5cm / 5" Long
    • Item Weight 116 g
    • Product - Die-Cast Metal & Plastic
    • Manufacturer recommendeds not suitable for children under 3
    • Item model number - TY07101