New & Boxed- 100% Complete
No Longer has Outer Seal

40 Frog Stones
4 Coloured Indicator Discs
Draw String Bag
Full Set of Rules

The bag is used as part of the rules and
is equally used to transport the game away from home.

Army of Frogs is for 2-4 players and resembles Hive
in that the gameboard is created while you play.

The goal of the game is to create one large group
of frogs—an army through tactical manoeuvring
and placement of the pieces, which are
hexagonal Bakelite frogs.

Each player starts with two randomly drawn frogs
and on a turn a player takes the following
three actions to build and shift an island of frogs
in the center of the table.

The game helps to develop strategic planning,
spatial awareness and problem solving skills,
but most of all it's brilliant fun.

Army Of Frogs Game by British Inventor John Yiani

  • • Designer - John Yianni
    • Artist - John Yianni
    • Publisher - Gen42 Games
    • Gigamic HUCH! & friends
    • Tantrix UK Ltd.
    • Year Published - 2007
    • No Of Players - 2 − 4
    • User Suggested No.of Players
    (Not best with any number)
    • Recommended with 2, 3, 4 players
    • Mfg Suggested Ages 7 and up
    • Playing Time 45 minutes
    • User Suggested Ages 6 and up