Pre-Owned- Excellent Condition (couple of stitches missing)
by mouth-see image. -
Large Soft Plush Toy
Tigger is 21"/54cm High & 15"/38cm at widest part
He is an Authentic Walt Disney Toy (see label image)

Tigger is an energetic toy tiger originally introduced in Disney's 1968 short film Winnie the Pooh and the Blustery Day. Like other Pooh characters, he is based one of Christopher Robin Milne's stuffed toys.

Tigger is easily recognized by his orange fur with black stripes, large beady eyes, long chin, springy tail and his bouncy personality.

As he says himself, "Bouncing is what Tiggers do best".

He is very confident and has quite an ego, he often thinks of himself as being handsome and some of his other comments suggest that he has a high opinion of himself.
Also, he often undertakes tasks with gusto, only to later realize that they weren't as easy as he had originally imagined.

While Tigger has a tendency to recklessly bounce people as a way of introduction, he doesn't seem to act this way with Kanga. Instead he is very respectful to her, referring to her (at least in the first films) as Mrs. Kanga.

21"/54cm High Large Tigger Plush Toy-By Disney

  • • Brand- Walt Disney
    • Type- PLush Stuffed Soft Toy
    • Model - Tigger
    • From- Winnie The Pooh
    • Size - 212/54cm High x 152/38cm Wide